The Valley Troll was originally presented as part of the visual artist showcase for BIGSOUND Festival and Music Conference in 2018, and featured again as part of the 2019 conference.

The Fortitude Valley Troll is a creature that has long lives in the annals and nooks of ‘The Valley’, thriving in an environment of busy nightlife, loud music and late entertainment. Feeding on the late-night punters’ dropped kebabs and sucking spilled drinks from the floor of closed bars, the Troll has made a very happy home in the valley and it could be argued fits in rather well with the calibre of Valley patrons. 

Although the Troll has long lived in Fortitude Valley until now there have only been a few reported sightings and close-encounters. However, enticed by the music and entertainment of the BIGSOUND festival, the Troll as finally come into the spotlight and will be interacting with the public for the first time.




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