Caitlin has created and performed with puppets around the world – from wearable puppets for roving at festivals and events, to stage puppets of all shapes and sizes, to 15 metre-wide interactive installations for 0-5 year olds.

The great joy of puppets is that they help us to easily suspend our disbelief. They are things that become alive, and they’re had to ignore. They evoke empathy and create connections – they become bridge between performer and audience. Giant puppets can be marveled from up close or gently watched from afar on a festival boulevard. Wearable puppets bring the actors physicality alive in a new skin and can be playfully interactive in an event setting. Puppets of any size can captivate with magic realism on a stage, or create incredible, unique one-on-one interactions in sensitive settings like a hospital. Interactive puppets hand the creation of life and animation over to the once-spectators, and allow them to become collaborators in the theatrical moment.

As well as being strikingly visual, puppets gently subvert the reality of the space they’re in; moving and interacting as if they are real creatures, but existing as if they’re from another world. They open up avenues for non-verbal play, and transcend boundaries of language and age when provoking audiences to suspend disbelief.

All of the puppets created by Caitlin are made from reclaimed and recycled materials; working with locally sourced materials from recyclers, or found objects from refuse. Working in this way makes each  puppet responsive to the materials available for it’s creation; 100% original in design, 100% unique in fabrication, and 100% sustainable in production.

Custom puppets and commissions available by request.