Caitlin has created and performed with giant puppets around the world – from wearable puppets for roving at festivals and events, to 15 metre-wide interactive installations for 0-5 year olds.

The great joy of giant puppets is that they cannot be ignored. They can be gently watched from afar on a festival boulevard, be playfully interactive in an event setting, or captivate on a stage. As well as being strikingly visual, giant puppets gently subvert the reality of the space they’re in; moving and interacting as if they are real creatures, but existing as if they’re from another world. They open up avenues for non-verbal play, and transcend boundaries of language and age when provoking audiences to suspend disbelief.

All of the puppets created by Caitlin are made from reclaimed and recycled materials; working with locally sourced materials from recyclers, or found objects from refuse. Working in this way makes each giant puppet responsive to the materials available for it’s creation; 100% original in design, 100% unique in fabrication, and 100% sustainable in production.

Custom puppets and commissions available by request.